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Why Burkina Faso’s Coup Is A Disaster For Africa – Huffington Post

What happens next?

The generals have pledged not to stay in power long and said they will just oversee preparations for more inclusive elections. Analysts, however, say it’s unlikely elections will go ahead as scheduled. Politicians and civil society have reacted in outrage.

The speaker of the transitional parliament, Cheriff Sy, declared himself the country’s leader Thursday, and urged the rest of the military not to support the coup.  

Regional leaders rushed to negotiate a way out of the crisis. Presidents Macky Sall of Senegal and Thomas Boni Yayi of Benin, representing the Economic Community of West African States, arrived in the country on Friday to oversee mediation efforts.

History suggests that this coup may not last long, Denver University research fellow Jonathan Pinckney writes in Foreign Policy. The combination of massive public protests and political opposition, as seen in Burkina Faso, has in the past stopped the military uniting behind coup leaders, he explains. And the RSP, a force of around only 1,300, will need the rest of the military’s support to keep control of the country.

Even so, there is no simple way to resolve the crisis, as neither side has much willingness to negotiate, International Crisis Group West Africa Analyst Cynthia Ohayon points outShe does believe public opposition and international pressure will eventually force a solution, but argues that it may take some time.

Why Burkina Faso’s Coup Is A Disaster For Africa – Huffington Post

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