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Where to travel this fall: The best deals, destinations – WTOP

WASHINGTON — The kids are back in school and temperatures have finally become tolerable, making fall the perfect time to travel.

Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor at Orbitz.com, calls the months of September and October “the shoulder season,” since it’s the time of year when the crowds scatter and prices to popular destinations come down from their summer highs.

A favorite fall getaway among many is one where foliage is the focus. And while Northeastern and New England towns are popular destinations to check out the changing leaves, Tornatore recommends an alternative: Northern Michigan.

“In the upper Midwest you’re going to see equally as stunning colors without the high prices,” she says, adding that flying into cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia tend to be expensive during peak foliage times.

Plus, she notes the Northern Michigan area has a number of wineries, cider mills, apple orchards and golf courses.

Closer to home, Tornatore suggests the Charlottesville area for similar fall experiences. And if you’re sticking to a strict budget, this trip can even be done in a day.

In the mood for a longer, more luxurious vacation? Tornatore says now is the time to make a move — to Europe.

“This year in particular, with declining airline prices and the U.S. dollar continuing to be so strong against the euro and other European currencies, it just makes for perfect conditions for that bucket-list trip,” she says.

Traditionally expensive cities, such as London and Paris, are much more affordable this time of year, Tornatore says. Ireland is another place where jet-setters can catch a deal.

“So much of Europe is such a great bargain right now.”

When it comes to finding a deal, Tornatore says to book your flight and hotel as a package.

“It will always save you money, no matter what time of year you’re booking, but particularly during these seasons when there are hotels that need to fill rooms, they offer deeper discounts when you book it as part of a package,” she says.

Another tip is to look for promotional codes on booking sites and hotel chains, especially if you’re just in need of a hotel.

With the holiday travel season just around the corner, it also isn’t a bad idea to start researching flight prices. If you see a price you’re comfortable with for the busy travel periods, Tornatore says to book it now.

“Especially when we hit the beginning of October, people really get on it and they start booking and availability gets slim and prices get higher and seats fill up,” she says. “And if you’re looking at taking a vacation to some of the more popular destinations, the same goes for hotels.”

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Where to travel this fall: The best deals, destinations – WTOP

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