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France vs. USA Soccer Features Gnarly, Bloody Headbutt Injuries

France vs. USA Soccer Friendly Gets Bloody After Violent Midair Collision

6/9/2018 2:12 PM PDT

Who says the United States men’s national team can’t entertain us this summer?

Despite not being in the upcoming World Cup, they’re still going at it hard — and headfirst — against France Saturday in a friendly . Unfortunately, that headfirst idea resulted in a bloody mess on the pitch.

About 55 minutes into the match and with USA holding a surprising 1-0 lead, France had a corner kick that led to America’s Matt Miazga and France’s Olivier Giroud jumping up and accidentally butting heads … hard.

Miazga’s head was so bloody it looked like he just had a cage match with Mankind, but it wasn’t pretty for Giroud either. Both players left the game under their own power.

Btw … France tied it up late and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. So … kind of a win for USA?

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