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What’s the deal with the Queen’s Speech?

The event — which marks the monarch’s symbolic association with the British legislature — includes a grand carriage procession, a particularly heavy crown, and a part where the sovereign must read out a speech that the government writes on her behalf. The latest version of the jamboree, which takes place on Monday, has an overlay […]

Track Typhoon Hagibis as it approaches Japan

Storm tracker Storm tracker Loading interactive map … X Category Projected path Traveled path Loading data … Track the latest weather stories and share your comments with the CNN Weather team on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s block ads! (Why?) CNN.com – RSS Channel – World

German synagogue shooter confesses

Named as Stephan B, the man appeared before an investigative judge at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, Germany. Markus Schmitt, press officer of the prosecutor at the court, said: “Stephan B. has admitted to the accusations and specifically to his anti-Semitic as well as right-wing extremist motives.” A gunman killed two people in […]

Migrants say they were tortured and raped

Sailors on a Libyan coast guard ship wave their arms. “Stop! Stop!” they shout in English. The sailors prepare to throw a rope to the boat, but several men on board shout back, in Arabic: “We don’t want it.” “You don’t want it?” asks one of the sailors. “You’ll die out here!” After several attempts, […]

How the extreme right gamified terror

The parallels between the attack on a synagogue in the German town of Halle and other recent far-right shootings points to a wider trend: the gamification of terror. Looked at together, some analysts say the atrocities in Christchurch, New Zealand; Poway, California; El Paso, Texas; and Baerum, Norway, paint a picture of a growing terror […]

Iraqi protesters say they have videos of government atrocities

Roads leading to popular protest areas are blocked off, lined with security forces slumped up against buildings or napping on the hoods of their Humvee vehicles. This relative calm belies the chaos that erupted over the past week as thousands protested across the country against government corruption, lack of basic services and growing unemployment. The […]

Pride at stake for both China and NBA over $4 billion fallout

Although Morey backtracked from supporting the Hong Kong protesters and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta distanced the team from his post, the league has become toxic in China — at least for now. After an initial league statement was criticized for being too beholden to the Chinese authorities, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver defended Morey’s right to […]

CNN reporter vividly details scene after first Syria strikes

[unable to retrieve full-text content] CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports from Northern Syria as Turkey conducts military operations against US-backed Kurdish forces in the region. CNN.com – RSS Channel – World

How fake refugees from Kenya got settled in the US and Europe

Like other families who arrived as Somali refugees, he says they first depended on food stamps to get by. But the family of seven successfully navigated their new life, and his siblings grew up to become nurses and teachers. “We took the opportunity that was in front of us and we didn’t take it for […]

Hong Kong’s violent protests show no sign of stopping. Some are deciding it’s time to leave

They envisioned starting a family together in their home of Hong Kong. But within a month, their plans — their whole vision of a future together — had been thrown into chaos. Four months into the largest protests in the city’s history, Emily is looking for a way out of the embattled city. Now, along […]