News Update

Sea of protesters brings Hong Kong to a standstill

Large numbers of protesters gathered in the city’s Victoria Park just after midday Sunday, donning black and wearing white ribbons on their chests. Many carried bunches of white flowers to honor a man who died after falling from a building Saturday while holding banners opposing the extradition bill. “We buy the white flower to hope […]

What would life be like in a zero-carbon country?

If it can do it, the country will become the world’s first major economy to stop contributing to climate change. But the goal is extremely ambitious — the roadblocks massive. Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is no more than the amount taken out. By setting the target, the […]

Transgender driver chases 24-hour road race dream

One day he wanted to race at the iconic French cathedral of motorsport — home to the world’s oldest endurance race that takes place again this weekend — instead of watching rain-soaked from the sidelines. But this dream was secondary to another, more urgent desire that beat inside his body like a pulse. If he […]

Trump’s problem isn’t Mexico. It’s Central America, and it’s getting worse

The limitless flow of people towards the US-Mexico border begins with the tortured descent of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador into the abyss. The Northern Triangle, as the countries are known, is burdened with a myriad of issues, the top of which is the multi-billion dollar drug trade. And it is this very place that […]

Weakened by the trade war, Xi ready to woo Modi and Putin

Less than one week later, however, the United States imposed its first tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of Chinese goods, kicking off what would become a raging global trade war between the world’s two largest economies. On Friday, Xi returns to the SCO under markedly different circumstances. Now more than ever, the Chinese […]

UK maritime safety body investigating ‘incident’ in Gulf of Oman

The ships — one carrying oil and the other transporting a cargo of chemicals — were struck in international waters near the strategically important Strait of Hormuz. All crew members were evacuated and were safe, according to the owners of the two ships. The vessels were hit “at or below the waterline, in close proximity […]

Beijing walks a thin line as Hong Kong erupts at worst possible time

Facing a weakening economy, and with trade tensions with the United States at an all-time high, experts say Xi is under pressure to deliver on the enormous power he’s amassed since coming to power in late 2012. Tens of thousands of mostly young protestors took to the streets again on Wednesday, temporarily shutting down Hong […]

Hong Kong protesters face off with riot police

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he hopes things work out between the Chinese central government and Hong Kong demonstrators protesting changes to an extradition bill. “I looked today and that really is a million people. A lot of times people talk about, they had 2,000 people but it was really 1,000 or it was […]

Hong Kong protesters face off with riot police

Suki Ma, a 27-year-old building surveyor, said she wasn’t surprised the police used force, although she was quite angry. “They (protesters) did not do anything against the police,” she said. “Carrie Lam didn’t do anything for Hong Kong people.” Some background: Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Hong Kong on Wednesday, […]

UK companies press government for net zero emissions by 2050

A group of more than 100 companies, investors and lobby groups sent an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday, asking the departing leader to “leave a legacy of clean growth” and legislate a commitment to cut the country’s emissions to net zero by 2050. The letter asks May to adopt the recommendations […]