News Update

Life in jail over Gandhi assassination riots

Sajjan Kumar was a key leader of Gandhi’s then-ruling Congress Party when she was gunned down by two of her Sikh bodyguards. They killed her four months after she ordered Indian troops to storm the Golden Temple — one of Sikhism’s holiest shrines — to flush out separatists. Thousands of Sikhs across the country were […]

Japan says it will have first aircraft carriers since WWII

In its 10-year Defense Program Guidelines, Tokyo said it will buy 42 of the stealthy F-35Bs, which are designed for short-run take offs and vertical landings. Those planes will be available for deployment aboard two flat-top ships, the JS Izumo and JS Kaga, which at more than 800 feet long and displacing 27,000 tons are […]

Island nation threatens to sue biggest carbon energy producers

Keep it up, that nation’s top diplomat warned, and you might face a lawsuit from Vanuatu. “Vanuatu is now considering taking legal action both against these fossil fuel companies, but also potentially the governments that are facilitating them, subsidizing them, allowing them to operate this way,” Ralph Regenvanu, foreign minister of Vanuatu, told CNN at […]

UK flirts with second referendum to escape eternal Brexit chaos

But as UK Prime Minister Theresa May ended her most tumultuous week since coming into power, and parliament remained gridlocked over her withdrawal agreement, some prominent Conservative party politicians were reportedly arguing that the only way out of this political impasse is to bring the question back to the people. What was once considered unthinkable […]

Explosion near pub in Japan injures dozens

A subsequent fire caused one building to collapse. Residents reported smelling gas after the explosion and seeing broken windows in the area, public service broadcaster NHK reported. The cause of the explosion, which occurred around 8:30 p.m. local time, is unknown, and emergency services continue to investigate. Video shows the blast’s destructive aftermath. Firefighters sprayed […]

Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as capital of Israel

“The government has resolved that Australia’s position is now as follows: Australia now recognizes West Jerusalem as being the seat of the Knesset [Israeli parliament] … West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,” he said in a speech at the Sydney Institute. Morrison noted that for now, the embassy won’t move from Tel Aviv, but […]

What's driving Britain's broken boys to crime?

Just minutes later, a police officer and a friend of Jermaine’s knocked at her door — her little brother had been stabbed, they told her. They led Goupall to a spot just two streets away, where the 26-year-old saw blood seeping onto the pavement from a police tent. She pushed past onlookers to talk to […]

No-deal Brexit looks likelier than ever after May's summit humiliation

After being forced to pull a vote on her deal in the House of Commons, May pleaded with EU leaders to add legal assurances that would assuage lawmakers furious over a crucial element, the so-called Irish backstop. But after an apparently lackluster presentation by May, EU leaders rejected the demands — all but killing any […]

Doors are slamming shut for Huawei around the world

Telecommunications firm Orange has ruled out using Huawei products in its core 5G network in France, and Germany’s Deutsche Telekom says it’s reviewing purchases of Huawei equipment. The Chinese company, which sells smartphones and telecommunications gear, faces increased scrutiny in the United States and other countries, where officials have warned of potential national security risks […]

Strasbourg shooting suspect killed by police, Paris authorities say

Cherif Chekatt, 29, was shot dead on Thursday evening, two days after he first disappeared sparking a massive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers, soldiers and anti-terror specialists from three European countries. French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said police recognized a man who looked like Chekatt walking on the street in Strasbourg’s Neudorf district on […]