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Kate and William can afford 3 kids. Many Brits cannot

Royal baby: It’s a boy! For the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, having three kids won’t break the bank. For many other Millennial Brits, a family of that size just isn’t an option. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to the couple’s third child, a son, on Monday. Raising one child in the United Kingdom […]

Witnesses recount horror as van plowed into Toronto pedestrians

Witnesses said there was pandemonium after the vehicle collided with people crossing a busy intersection at Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, mounting the sidewalk and leaving a trail of destruction almost a mile long. Chelsea Luelo, who works at Capriccio Café, saw the incident unfold and said she thought the driver was hitting people intentionally: […]

Korean Air ousts 'nut rage' heiress and her sister

The CEO of Korean Air is firing his daughters, Heather Cho, left, and Emily Cho, right, after a pair of embarrassing scandals. The CEO of Korean Air is firing his own daughters after a pair of embarrassing scandals. The two women will be removed from their executive positions and stripped of management responsibilities, said Cho […]

Migrants from the caravan have started reaching the border

About 50 Central Americans have arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, according to Juventud 2000, an organization that assists migrants in that border city. Of those, about 10 have turned themselves in to US authorities at the border. Others are waiting for a larger contingent from the caravan to arrive before they head north, Juventud 2000 Director […]

The migrant caravan's next steps may be an even tougher journey

Soon hundreds of migrants from Central America will find out whether it was worth it. Members of the caravan have just started reaching the border, and a larger group of hundreds of migrants is days away, organizers say. Many in the caravan say they plan to turn themselves in to US authorities and ask for […]

Bride of ISIS: From 'happily ever after' to hell

But instead of bringing love and contentment, their marriage left Islam trapped in a living nightmare. Fast forward four years — and three husbands – and she and her two small children are caught in limbo in northern Syria. Islam Mitat is from Morocco; Ahmed Khalil was originally from Kabul in Afghanistan, but had moved […]

She looks for a way home

An American ISIS widow looks for a way home For Sam Sally, a vacation was all it took to flip her quiet middle-American world of muscle cars, cotton candy and an Indiana packing company, into the horror of the ritual beatings, serial rape, torture and forced child propaganda videos of ISIS’s so-called caliphate. Source: CNN […]

American says she was beaten, tortured and sexually abused

A holiday is what her husband, Moussa Elhassani, promised her when she went to Hong Kong in 2014, she says. The couple was planning to move to Morocco to start a new, cheaper life, she says, and needed to go through Hong Kong to transfer money. Days later, Sally says, she stood on the Turkish […]

The challenges facing Cuba's likely new leader

Patrick Oppmann</a> reports on the man expected to be the next leader of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, and the challenges facing the country.” data-link=”https://cnn.it/2EYiJV4″ data-isshorturl=”true” data-twitter-account=”CNNI” data-image-src=”//cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180312103644-miguel-daz-canel-super-tease.jpg”> Let’s block ads! (Why?) CNN.com – RSS Channel – World

Who is Miguel Diaz-Canel?

The moniker came from low-level government employees who found out the hard way that at any hour, Díaz-Canel could show up unannounced to inspect whether workers were actually on the job and not pilfering supplies or taking a nap. That fastidiousness and willingness to work around the clock may be key assets after Díaz-Canel was […]