News Update

Catalonia slams Spain's plans for direct rule

On Saturday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced his plans to dissolve the Catalan parliament under a never-before-used article of the constitution, vowing to remove the region’s elected leaders as soon as possible and hold new elections. It is the most serious threat Rajoy has made since Catalonia held an independence referendum on October 1. […]

The war on ISIS brings more turmoil

The campaign to eradicate the Islamic State has taken three years and nearly 25,000 coalition airstrikes, in addition to thousands by Russian, Iraqi and Syrian aircraft. In the process, dozens of towns and cities in Syria and Iraq have been pulverized, among them Raqqa, Aleppo, Mosul, Fallujah and Ramadi. The cost of reconstruction — running […]

Air pollution affects babies even in the womb

The length of telomeres — caps at the end of chromosomes, similar to shoelace tips — is considered a marker of biological aging. Based on their results, the researchers theorize that pre-birth exposure to air pollution may lead to negative health consequences later in life. Vulnerable period The researchers looked at 641 mother-newborn pairs, who […]

9 million deaths worldwide linked to pollution

In 2015, nearly one in six deaths, an estimated nine million worldwide, was related to pollution in some form — air, water, soil, chemical or occupational pollution, according to a new report published Thursday in The Lancet. Air pollution is by far the largest contributor to early death, according to the new research produced by […]

Weather disasters to impact 2 out of 3 Europeans by 2100

That’s 350 million people in 31 countries subjected to an increased risk of death and health hazards. Overall, weather-related disasters are expected to cause 152,000 deaths a year in Europe between 2071 and 2100, jumping from 3,000 weather disaster-related deaths a year between 1981 and 2010. The researchers estimate that 99% of future weather-related deaths […]

Children to sue European countries over climate change

The seven youngsters, aged eight to 18, are taking on the member states of the Council of Europe, who together produce at least 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. As signatories to the Paris climate accord, the countries have agreed to cut their emissions rates to help prevent […]

ISIS' power is waning, but its child slave trade is still booming

A member of the Iraqi religious minority, the Yazidis, Lazem was stolen from his family as a toddler when ISIS fighters overran northern Iraq’s Sinjar province in August 2014, pillaging towns and villages. Thousands of Yazidi men were killed at the terror group’s hands; women and children from the community were captured and sold. Three […]

Bergen: No, Trump didn't defeat ISIS

President Donald Trump quickly took a victory lap during an interview the same day, stating that ISIS hadn’t been defeated earlier because “you didn’t have Trump as your president.” Is this claim true? Not really, according to US military officials. In August 2016, Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, who was the ground commander for the fight […]

What's next for ISIS after the fall of Raqqa?

American officials have not yet formally announced that the fight is won, but the developments mark a significant moment for the war on ISIS — and perhaps, in real tangible, conventional military terms, its end. Why it’s important Mosul in Iraq may have been the biggest population center the militants ever held, but Raqqa was […]

After ISIS, 'Mosul can never be the same'

He wasn’t a Californian returning to a wildfire-singed Sonoma County town, or a Puerto Rican going back to a home that collapsed in Hurricane Maria’s fury. Still, he knew what he might find. And at the same time, he couldn’t fully prepare for the scenes of devastation that would await him. The acclaimed Iraqi author […]