News Update

Irish island asks Americans to move there

(CNN) — With a population on the wane since the 19th century, the picturesque Irish island of Arranmore is down to its last 469 residents. Determined to keep their community alive, islanders have taken an unusual step — writing open letters to the people of the United States and Australia, asking them to consider moving […]

Spending time in nature boosts health, study finds

(CNN) — We’re told to eat our five a day, get 150 minutes of exercise a week — and now a weekly blast of The Great Outdoors might one day be part of recommended guidelines too. A new UK study has found that spending two hours per week soaking up nature — be it woodland, […]

Global air travel’s biggest-ever breakthrough

(CNN) — Roughly 2,500 transatlantic flights soar through the skies each day, whisking passengers over the ocean in less than six hours. On super-smooth Airbus A330s and spacious Boeing 777s, passengers take travel across the Atlantic for granted, and it’s easy to forget where it all began. June 15, 2019, marks 100 years since British […]

Behind the scenes at a private jet factory

(CNN) — Just like in the artisan neighborhoods of old European towns, each section of the factory floor is dominated by a particular craft. Carpentry in one corner, upholstery in another — some areas look more like an artistic atelier than an aircraft plant. We are at Bombardier’s Centre of Excellence, a facility on the […]

Vietnam launches helicopter tours over Halong Bay

And now tourists have a new way to experience the dazzling natural attraction. Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company, a subsidiary of state-owned helicopter operator Vietnam Helicopter Corporation, has launched a series of tourism flights over the scenic Halong Bay area. Flights starting from $ 125 for 12 minutes The helicopter tours will last between 12 minutes […]

Chernobyl suddenly becomes visitor hotspot

(CNN) — It was the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, but three decades later Chernobyl is emerging as one of the planet’s hottest tourism tickets after a new TV series. For the past few years, a steady stream of adventurous visitors has been drawn to the macabre spectacle of the deserted, decaying city […]

Church built using 40,000 human skeletons

(CNN) — In the heart of the Czech countryside, Kutná Hora houses some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole of Bohemia. Positioned around 70 kilometers (about 43 miles) east of Prague, this medieval city competed politically, economically and culturally with the capital city during the 13th to 16th centuries, thanks in part to […]

Passenger opens plane exit instead of toilet

(CNN) — A passenger on a UK-Pakistan flight at Manchester Airport caused severe delays after opening the emergency exit door in an attempt to reach the bathroom while the plane was still on the ground. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 702 was due to fly from Manchester, UK, to Islamabad, Pakistan, on Friday but suffered […]

This town is the real star of ‘Big Little Lies’

Editor’s Note — Spoiler alert! For those who haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, this story contains a few plot lines from the first season. Monterey, California (CNN) — Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz and Shailene Woodley are the human stars of “Big Little Lies,” the television adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s […]

Cuba travel restrictions: What you need to know

Havana (CNN) — Travel to Cuba got more difficult — and more confusing — this week for Americans and travelers under US jurisdiction. The announcement by the Trump administration Tuesday banning cruise ship operations from the United States to Cuba and eliminating “people-to-people” educational travel for Americans jolted the travel industry and put a wrench […]