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Hawaii: the perfect destination for your end-of-year mileage run

[unable to retrieve full-text content] World famous for the show “Hawaii 5-0”, Hawaii could be a perfect destination for Business Travellers right now who have two things on their minds: Where to go for the holidays and status for next year. CNN.com – RSS Channel – App Travel Section

The world’s most beautiful streets

(CNN) — Architecture is typically famous for its big, bold statements — the huge skyscrapers, opera houses, bridges and airports that tower over cityscapes, dwarfing their occupants. But it’s arguably at its most beguiling when it comes to human-scale thoroughfares dedicated to everyday activities such shopping, eating, sleeping or just strolling and soaking up the […]

America’s National Parks are being overrun by rats, cats and feral hogs

(CNN) — Millions visit US National Parks each year, many hoping to catch glimpses of animals including bison, mountain goats and alligators. What they don’t expect to see are the rats, domesticated cats, feral hogs and many other non-native animals that also thrive there. The number of invasive animal species in US national parks has […]

Star Wars’ Rise of the Resistance, Disney’s new ride, takes attraction to a whole new level

Resistance base, Batuu, Outer Rim (aka Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida) (CNN) — Whatever your sympathies to the rebellion or your level of Star Wars acumen, you’re rebel scum now. For Star Wars fans these days, as Yoda might say, runneth over our cup does. Earlier this year, both Disney parks in […]

Inside a $30 million opera house renovation

(CNN) — The Hungarian State Opera House is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest, drawing in thousands of visitors each year. But its facade is currently obscured by scaffolding, leaving the impressive landmark almost unrecognizable. The Neo-Renaissance structure has been closed for the past 18 months due to extensive restoration and modernization […]

What happens when hotels go completely vegan

(CNN) — At Saorsa 1875 in Pitlochry, Scotland, animals aren’t allowed — but not in the traditional sense. While pets are more than welcome, the boutique hotel otherwise eschews animal products through and through, from its furnishings right down to its staff uniforms. It is, after all, the UK’s first fully vegan hotel. Veganism is […]

Why airlines want you to go by train

(CNN) — We might not all be Greta Thunberg, shunning air travel for weeks-long odysseys aboard Atlantic yachts, but turning our backs on short-haul flights in favor of train travel is, for many of us, a more practical enterprise. Rather than bemoaning the loss of eco-conscious travelers, some airlines seem to be embracing this rail-orientated […]

8 warm places to go for Christmas around the world

(CNN) — This is for you if: You love to celebrate Christmas. You love to travel. And you love to stay warm. And the great thing about this? You don’t have to compromise on any of these desires! On this big ol’ planet of ours, you can enjoy the merry holiday, indulge your wanderlust and […]

Rome considers Trevi Fountain crowd barricade

(CNN) — Ever since Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni cavorted in its waters in “La Dolce Vita,” the Trevi Fountain has become a symbol of Rome. But its extraordinary popularity with tourists seeking their own slice of the sweet life has led to the fountain — and the tiny piazza in which it sits — […]

Luxury automakers race to perfect the flying car

(CNN) — Once upon a time, flying cars were a staple of science fiction. And yet here we are, in the November 2019 once dreamed of in the 1982 movie “Blade Runner,” and we’re still not whizzing above neon-lit cityscapes in futuristic contraptions. However, the long-expected travel convergence between automobile and aircraft may finally be […]