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A Vermont insider shares her secrets

Burlington, Vermont (CNN) — It’s her laugh. Almost every time Andrea Todd starts to talk, she’s usually talking about something that makes her happy. And then she laughs — and laughs and laughs. Whether she’s picking apples during the fall harvest, grabbing her bathing suit for a quick dip at Shelburne Beach or riding her […]

Beijing's eerie abandoned Olympic venues

(CNN) — It’s 10 years since China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. A decade later many of the celebrated Beijing venues and structures used for the competition are abandoned. Many were purpose-built for the Games — infamously, residents were rehoused and buildings were bulldozed to make room for the structures. Photographer Greg Baker captured […]

This is the #1 food experience in the world

(CNN) — It’s not just the taste of the pintxos served at the bars in San Sebastián’s old town in Spain’s Basque country that makes it Lonely Planet’s #1 food experience in the world. It’s the experience of hopping from bar to bar along San Sebastián’s narrow streets to try each kitchen’s unique pintxos, some […]

These may be the best tacos in L.A.

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Ellen Bennett knows tacos. The founder and CEO of Hedley and Bennett, Bennett spends most of her time running her Los Angeles-based apron company. But when she’s not overseeing apron production, promoting her brand or managing her growing staff, Bennett makes time to enjoy one of L.A.’s most delicious assets: […]

A chef's guide to the best of Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee (CNN) — The honky-tonk band playing at Robert’s Western World on a recent Thursday night is about 30 minutes into its set when Deb Paquette, the chef-owner of Nashville restaurants Etch and Etc., busts out on the tiny dance floor in front of the stage. Patrons drinking local beer and eating the bar’s […]

Dubai plans for $2B mega mall

Editor’s Note — CNN’s series often carries sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy. (CNN) — Plans for a sprawling “high-tech-meets-retail” metropolis have been unveiled in Dubai. The mega mall will be the largest leasable retail space in the […]

Stunning images of the Mediterranean shoreline

(CNN) — Rugged coastal inlets, hidden islands and fishing boats dotted in crystal-clear water — where could we be but the Mediterranean? “The basic interest for me in my aerial photography is I try to show human altered landscapes, so how we as humans change and intervene in our environment,” Hegen tells CNN Travel. “The […]

Caribbean island bans plastic and Styrofoam

(CNN) — The fight against single-use plastic has been gathering steam over the past months, but the Caribbean nation of Dominica has taken the crusade to another level. The island nation has announced its aim to completely ban common plastics and single-use Styrofoam cups and food containers — effective January 2019. Announcing this intention in […]

Pilot flies huge cargo plane in a 'loop'

(CNN) — At over 110 feet long and with a wingspan of more than 130 feet, the Lockheed Martin LM-100J is a very big airplane. The civilian version of the legendary C-130J Super Hercules airlifter is powered by four mighty Rolls-Royce turbines, each driving a massive six-bladed propeller. Given its vast size, the straight-winged turboprop […]

Small hotels with big personalities

(CNN) — High up on a bluff in Appalachia, guests soak in a hot tub while watching the sun dip into the green valley below. Hang gliders soar through the surrounding skies, while trees rustle their way into evening. Guests, however, don’t only come to this tranquil resort for the views. They also come for […]