News Update

Airplanes converted into restaurants

(CNN) — In-flight meals are definitely one of the most maligned aspects of air travel. Despite some airlines acquiring world-class chefs to create their menus, few passengers are likely to get revved up about the prospect of eating 30,000 feet above the Atlantic. Perhaps it’s because our taste buds have a tendency to malfunction at […]

Magical Italian village that ‘witches’ call home

(CNN) — Piedmont might be famous for its wine, white truffles and lavish castle, but there’s far more to this idyllic region of Italy than meets the eyes. Around 80 kilometers southeast of Turin in the High Langhe hills can be found a relatively unknown hamlet with a history — and present — steeped in […]

Anatomy of a Pride parade

(CNN) — Glitter, rainbows, costumes and corporate logos: At first glance, Pride parades may appear to just be one big party. But peek beneath the surface, and you’ll discover that Pride is celebrated by a diverse network of groups, each with their own rich history. Even the rainbow flag itself has a fascinating story. Harvey […]

Notre Dame fire reveals global love for Paris in troubled times

(CNN) — When fire consumed Paris’s Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame, the world watched in horror, with many expressing their love and support for a city that seems frequently beset by heartache. There seems to be something about Paris that exerts a hold over the global imagination, even for those who have only ever daydreamed […]

The perfect Bahamas wedding? It starts with turtles

Eleuthera, Bahamas (CNN) — Mask sealed, fins up, snorkel in place. There’s an art to catching green sea turtles, and you’ve got to be in position, gear adjusted, ready to go. Newly minted tracker David Cerna is perched on the bow of a flat-bottomed motor boat, eyes trained on the turtle all of the boat’s […]

Hard Rock Hotel finally comes to London

(CNN) — Sitting at opposite ends of London’s Park Lane, it’s less than a mile between the world’s first Hard Rock Cafe and the UK’s first ever Hard Rock Hotel — but it’s a distance of 48 years. When Americans Peter Morton and Issac Tiggrett opened a US-style burger joint at 150 Park Lane back […]

Civilian helicopter-plane hybrid is coming soon

(CNN) — They’re called tilt-rotor aircraft. They hover like helicopters — but they fly faster and farther — like airplanes. The military has flown them for years. Now — for the first time — a production model is on track to be approved for civilian roles such as emergency medivac flights, search-and-rescue operations and executive […]

Most romantic towns in central Europe

(CNN) — With its pastoral landscapes, dramatic mountain peaks and spectacular coastal views, Central Europe has no shortage of picturesque scenery and destinations. It’s also home to a host of secluded towns that are perfect for those keen to immerse themselves in travel romance and adventure — whether its wandering through wonderful narrow streets or […]

‘Flying wing’ makes its global debut

(CNN) — We all know a plane can’t fly without wings — but can wings fly without a body? A new fuselage-free “flying wing” prototype has proved that it can, and it made its global debut at Germany’s AERO Friedrichshafen airshow on April 11. The Horten HX-2 light aircraft has been three years in development […]

Buying a $1 Italy dream house just got even easier

(CNN) — What’s stopping you buying one of those homes that Italy keeps selling for less than the price of an espresso? Maybe it’s the fear of buying something sight-unseen, or anxiety over bureaucratic red tape and labyrinthine regulations? Well, you might just have run out of excuses. Two Italian destinations, hoping to revive declining […]