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Asia's latest state-of-the-art water show

(CNN) — A state-of-the-art water stage, 3D visual effects, hundreds of performers, authentic costumes, live music, martial arts, pyrotechnics, dancing …. But the show has a loftier aim: to celebrate the history and heritage of Tonkin, an agricultural region in northern Vietnam. Staged entirely on water, the open-air performance provides a broad overview of village […]

Life span of an airplane

(CNN) — We’re all familiar with the sight of an airplane soaring through the sky, but what do these flying machines look like when they’re being assembled? And what about when they’re nearing the end of their life, about to be demolished and dismantled for scrap? Intrigued? Mike Kelley was too. The aerial photographer rented […]

25 of the best places to visit in the UK

(CNN) — From vibrant, culture-laden cities to peaceful areas of outstanding natural beauty, the UK is an incredibly diverse destination for travelers. Here’s our pick of 25 of the best places to visit in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: Isles of Scilly The Isles of Scilly have arguably the UK's best sunsets. Shutterstock Situated […]

Incredible personal aircraft designs revealed

(CNN) — A giant egg equipped with rotors and “Transformers”-style robots are among some of the creative designs submitted in a $ 2 million dollar contest to dream up new ways of flying. The GoFly Prize, a personal flying device competition sponsored by aircraft maker Boeing, aims to make travel fantasies of effortlessly soaring through […]

Chihuly sculpture lights up Biltmore estate

Asheville, North Carolina (CNN) — Standing on tall ladders, two workers place pieces of brightly colored glass onto a tree-like structure in the middle of a manicured garden at Biltmore. As visitors to the Asheville, North Carolina, estate gather to watch their progress, renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly’s team takes the better part of a […]

The world's comfiest airplane seats?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Singapore Airlines has redesigned its premium economy seats to prepare for its new 19-hour flight route between Singapore and New York. CNN.com – RSS Channel – App Travel Section

City of Cliffs is France's best-kept secret

(CNN) — An undiscovered beach town in Mediterranean Europe? Well, almost. Perched high up a white limestone cliff on the southern coast of Corsica lies the medieval town of Bonifacio. Known as the “Mediterranean’s Sentinel,” or simply, the “Citadel of Cliffs,” it’s arguably the best-kept secret in France. It’s untroubled by summer crowds despite being […]

Airport abandoned for 44 years

(CNN) — A large passenger jet sits silent and still on the edge of a sun-beaten track. It won’t fly again — its engines have been stripped down, its wings wrecked and weathered by time. Nearby, shafts of sunlight pass through the smashed windows of a cavernous hangar. Everything is covered in dust and rust, […]

James Bond museum opens atop Austrian mountain

(CNN) — James Bond movies are known for their incredible backdrops — from Canada‘s natural beauty in the spectacular opening sequence of 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me” to a colorful Mexico City in 2015’s “Spectre.” Now a new museum in the Austrian Alps will showcase one of Bond’s recent, memorable destinations. 007 Elements is […]

This tiny town is the site of Disney's 'lost' park

Marceline, Missouri (CNN) — You may have paid to see gussied-up variations of the quaint town of Marceline, Missouri. The community of about 2,500, two hours northeast of metro Kansas City, was the hometown and emotional lodestone of Walt Disney. His boyhood remembrances of Marceline influenced such films as the 1949 live-action/cartoon “So Dear to […]