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Paradise Beach in South Africa lives up to its name

(CNN) — In the early morning, the wind sends bursts of sand across the beach, painting bits of black and shades of brown around the shells and the deep purple seaweed that washed up during the night. The patterns in the sand elongate and narrow, then blow back a bit over yards and yards of […]

Why do we cry on airplanes?

(CNN) — Unlike just 25 years ago, it’s now hard to find someone who hasn’t been on a plane. It’s a unique experience that human beings didn’t engage in, in significant numbers, until quite recently. So it’s no wonder it does some strange and unexpected things to us, including bringing us to tears. The reporting […]

The Bahamas beach where piggies swim

(CNN) — If you’re waiting to fulfill any life goals until pigs fly, heads up: There are swine swimming in the Bahamas already. A colony of pigs in the Exumas, a klatch of islands to the southeast of Nassau in the Bahamian archipelago, rushes into the crystal-clear surf every time they hear boats motoring nearby. […]

Tickets on sale for Virgin Atlantic's first Pride Flight

The airline has scheduled its first Pride Flight to transport British revelers from London to New York in style. The one-off flight is as much a celebration of queer culture as it is a mode of transport. Broadway star Tituss Burgess, known for his role in Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” will oversee proceedings and […]

Italy's most beautiful hotels

(CNN) — In search of la dolce vita? These glorious hotels perched on ancient streets, Tuscan hills and seaside cliffs deliver it in spades. With impeccable style, attentive service and luxurious amenities, Italian hotels do travel hospitality right. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, try these beautiful hotels in Italy. Amalfi Coast Belmond Hotel […]

World's most powerful passport revealed

(CNN) — There are few things more liberating than travel — although some passports offer more freedom than others. A new report published October 9, 2018, reveals just how many borders some travel documents can cross. According to the Henley Passport Index, compiled by global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & PartnersCitizens, Japan now […]

Bathing in Baku: How to hammam like a local

Editor’s Note — Editor’s Note — CNN Travel’s series often carry sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Read the policy. (CNN) — A place for cleansing and contemplation, for relaxation and conversation. Azerbaijan‘s old hammam culture may have waned in recent […]

The unsung cuisine of Spain's comfort-food capital, Asturias

(CNN) — By now, you probably know your tapas from your pintxos and your Rioja from your cava. Manchego may grace your cheese boards and smoky pimentón might spice up your soups. But unless you’re a booksy food geek or diehard Hispanophile, chances are you haven’t discovered the unsung cuisine of Spain’s comfort-food capital, Asturias. […]

José Andrés memoir helps explain his deep bond with Bourdain

(CNN) — José Andrés’ memoir “We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time” was published in September 2018, mere months after Anthony Bourdain’s premature death. Reading it, one can’t help but think of Tony and the friendship between the compassionate chefs. Earlier this year, the pair filmed […]

The 106-year-old mountain railway you've never heard of

Chiayi, Taiwan (CNN) — As a red and cream-colored train chugs up the Alishan mountains of Taiwan, hikers and villagers stop and wave at the passengers on board. It feels like an adventure, harking back to a time when train travel was new and exciting. And in a way, it is. The train has embarked […]