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A new Holocaust exhibition where lessons feel well-timed

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Anti-Semitism is again on the rise, and a new traveling exhibition asks visitors to delve deep into the social developments that led to the Holocaust and the creation of its most deadly concentration camp, Auschwitz. CNN.com – RSS Channel – App Travel Section

How European cities are tackling overtourism in 2020

[unable to retrieve full-text content] With Europe second only to Asia as the fastest growing regional tourist destination, cities across the continent are stepping up efforts to curb overcrowding and improve conditions for locals. CNN.com – RSS Channel – App Travel Section

Inside one of the world’s newest (and wettest!) national parks

Corrientes, Argentina (CNN) — If the Everglades and the Serengeti had a child together, it might look a bit like the Iberá Wetlands of northeastern Argentina. Some 1.8 million years ago, the Paraná River — South America’s second-longest after the Amazon — carved a rambling path through Argentina’s Corrientes Province before shifting to its modern […]

Australia wants you back after the fires. Here’s where to go

Editor’s Note — For the latest information on the location of fires, visit the website “Fires near me.” Melbourne (CNN) — Australia wants you to know that it’s not all blackened and charred. The bushfires that burned millions of hectares in the southeast are still burning, but they’re fewer in number and recent storms have […]

The return of the legendary US airline you’ve probably never heard of

(CNN) — Some airline brands die forever. Others, it seems, go into suspended animation, waiting to be reborn when the time’s right to take to the skies once again. Which is why, on January 12, a Boeing 767-300ER touched down on the runway at New York’s JFK airport, bringing with it a US brand name […]

Forget the city, this is the real Dubai

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Dubai’s exclave of Hatta is home to the ecologically diverse Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve. CNN.com – RSS Channel – App Travel Section

The food that’s taken centuries to perfect

(CNN) — The cuisine of Egypt has always been underrated. Although seldom named among the great food cultures of the Mediterranean or Middle East, the flavors found along the Nile are just as tasty — and often more intriguing — than the traditional cooking of Lebanon, Turkey or Greece. Egyptian cuisine may look similar to […]

Living in Amsterdam’s red-light district

(CNN) — Amsterdam’s De Wallen red-light district has long been one of the city’s most provocative neighborhoods thanks to its notorious window brothels. But the historic area has become something of a spectacle in recent years thanks to a dramatic rise in tourists to the Dutch capital in recent years. As a result, the area […]

Spain’s new laws to clamp down on ‘booze tourism’

(CNN) — They’ve got a reputation for sun-soaking, all-night-partying and all-round-hedonism, but Spain‘s Balearic Islands are attempting a rebrand. The regional government has introduced a series of laws that attempt to curb alcohol excess in the tourist hubs of Magaluf and Playa de Palma on the island of Majorca and San Antonio in Ibiza. No […]

Another Italian town is selling dozens of $1 homes

(CNN) — For some, the prospect of buying a cheap home in Italy is a chance to leave their old life behind and start all over again. But the latest town to offer tumbledown houses priced at just over a dollar wants buyers to bring it with them — encouraging families or groups of friends […]