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You May No Longer Need a New Computer: there’s a Good Chance yours is Perfectly Fine!

This story is intended to help the average consumer make a better and more informed decision prior to purchasing a new computer- ultimately saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time. The Easy “1-Click Trick” detailed in this article is designed to improve the performance of your PC and make it run like new again!

5 things you didn’t know about the iPad on its 10th anniversary

It’s been a whole 10 years since this day. Image: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images By Alex Perry2020-01-27 23:59:37 UTC On January 27, 2010, the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, presented a device to the world that looked a lot like a giant iPhone that didn’t make calls. A few months later, the first iPad […]

The easiest ways to watch the Super Bowl without cable

Patrick Mahomes makes Super Bowl LIV worth the price of admission alone. Image: Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images By Alex Perry2020-01-27 13:00:00 UTC In just two weeks, America will take part in an annual tradition like no other. Two great football teams will compete for glory, while roughly two-thirds of the people at watch parties around […]

Protesters take their ‘.org’ sale criticism offline

Internet activists hit the streets to protest the .org registry takeover by private equity outside of ICANN’s LA offices. Image: Andrew Cowie/AFP/GettyImages By Matt Binder2020-01-26 22:21:46 UTC A group of protesters took their disapproval of the sale of the .org domain registry to the streets. On Friday, around two dozen people rallied outside of the […]

We can’t stop watching these weird ’80s Apple commercials

Apple ads were a lot better a few decades ago. Image: Dean Purcell / Getty Images By Alex Perry2020-01-26 11:00:00 UTC Television commercials have always been weird. Sometimes they masquerade as entertainment, as in the case of Amazon’s celeb-filled, Alexa-themed 2019 Super Bowl ad or, in other instances, serious art, like those eerie David Lynch-helmed […]

Uber, Lyft are officially up and running in British Columbia

Vancouver, welcome to the concept of Uber and Lyft. Image: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images By Brenda Stolyar2020-01-25 20:53:14 UTC People in Vancouver, British Columbia no longer have to feel left out when it comes to ride-sharing. Anyone going out this weekend can finally snag an Uber or Lyft home in the wee hours of the night. […]

In the internet era, public libraries more vital than ever

Young patrons experiment with 3D printing at the Queensbridge Tech Lab. Image: Sadie Coughlin-Prego via Queens Public Library By Haidee Chu2020-01-25 13:00:00 UTC Back in 2018, Forbes sent Twitter into fury with a now-retracted column. Its big idea: Amazon should replace libraries because it has “provided something better.” The Kindles, Netflixes and Starbucks of the […]

Vine cofounder finally releases his next viral video app: Byte

Vine is still dead, but at least we have Byte. Image: byte By Karissa Bell2020-01-25 02:15:09 UTC If you’re still mourning the loss of Vine, you now have a new video app to fill the void and, no, I’m not talking about TikTok. That’s because Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann is finally launching byte, the video […]

Facial recognition cameras to be rolled out in London amid privacy concerns

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto By Rachel Thompson2020-01-24 12:51:21 UTC Live facial recognition (LFR) technology will be rolled out across specific locations across London, the Metropolitan Police Service has announced.  This will be the first time these cameras will be operational on the streets of the UK capital. The rollout comes after pilots were conducted in London […]

Experts warn smartphone voting is ‘extremely risky,’ yet here it comes

And *tap.* Image: Bob Al-Greene / mashable  By Jack Morse2020-01-24 01:07:07 UTC The effort to make voting easier and more accessible is a noble one that should be lauded, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be screwed up.  It was just yesterday that NPR reported on a plan to allow Washington state King Conservation […]

No one should ever buy a car again. Here’s why.

Cars will always be with us. But when summoning one is faster than parking it, why would you own? By Chris Taylor2020-01-23 11:00:00 UTC Mashable’s new series Don’t @ Me takes unpopular opinions and backs them up with…reasons. We all have our ways, but we may just convince you to change yours. And if not, […]