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You May No Longer Need a New Computer: there’s a Good Chance yours is Perfectly Fine!


This story is intended to help the average consumer make a better and more informed decision prior to purchasing a new computer- ultimately saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time. The Easy “1-Click Trick” detailed in this article is designed to improve the performance of your PC and make it run like new again!

Google might take on Amazon with its own version of the Echo Dot

By Karissa Bell2017-08-22 01:33:28 UTC Google might be gearing up to launch a new “mini” version of its Google Home. The company is working on a new, smaller version of its Google Home speaker that will launch later this year, alongside two new Pixel phones and a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, Android Policereports.  The smaller device […]

New Google doodle explains the science of a total solar eclipse, adorably

Image: Google By Miriam Kramer2017-08-21 14:05:59 UTC Just like almost everyone else in the United States, Google is amped about the total solar eclipse sweeping the nation on Monday.  An adorable new doodle reimagines the solar eclipse not as the result of the orbital motion of heavenly bodies, but as the product of a game […]

Elon Musk and 115 other experts ask the UN to ban killer robots in open letter

One of the autonomous lethal weapons already out in the world.

Yeah, let’s try to avoid a world filled with these guys. Image: AFP/Getty Images By Brett Williams2017-08-20 22:18:16 UTC Elon Musk, Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, and 114 other leading AI and robotics experts have joined together to ask the UN to ban the use of so-called killer robots in an open letter published today. […]

How to put old photos in your social media stories

Access Snapchat and camera roll photos at the bottom of your screen.

You can add old photos to your social media stories. Image: lili sams/mashable By Molly Sequin2017-08-19 17:06:53 UTC Stories started with Snapchat, then Instagram and Facebook added their own versions to try and win our loyalty.  There are crazy amounts of ways to make your story unique within each app. But you might not know […]

Three construction innovations that will change the way we build

A number of companies are competing to find ways to automate construction, using bricklaying robots and machines that can 3D print with concrete.  These innovations are among the most successful prototypes whereby entire buildings were constructed using robots. Let’s block ads! (Why?) Tech

Facebook's AR glasses take center stage in newly published patent

By Molly Sequin2017-08-18 23:12:12 UTC The world just got a sneak peek at a feature Facebook’s working on to make its highly anticipated AR glasses a reality. According to a patent published Thursday, the device “may augment views of a physical, real-world environment with computer-generated elements” and may “be included in an eye-wear comprising a […]

Hackers just sent us practically all of HBO's social media passwords

A screenshot of what appears to be the hacked West Word Giphy page.

HBO’s social media accounts might be facing a long winter. Image: mashable By Jack Morse2017-08-18 23:26:43 UTC The leaks just keep coming. The hackers responsible for the massive breach of HBO haven’t let up, and reached out to Mashable to share their latest exploits. And while the latest data dump doesn’t include any Game of […]

Why Consumer Reports is wrong about Microsoft’s Surface products

By Lance Ulanoff2017-08-18 14:12:30 UTC Yes, I’m that guy. I’m the one who sits on the train using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and who takes it to the front row of exclusive Apple press events while balancing its unconventional kickstand on my lap. I’ve been this guy for three years, and it’s not because […]

Moonhack breaks a world record for kids coding, again

Moonhack is trying to set another record for kids coding. Image: Moonhack By Johnny Lieu2017-08-18 01:09:22 UTC On Tuesday, 28,575 kids around Australia broke a world record by coding on the same day.  It was all for Moonhack, an event for ages 8 to 18 set up by Code Clubs Australia, a network of 1,950 […]

Instrumments 01 might be the best way to measure anything on the fly

The key to Instrumment 01

Forget rulers. Instrumment’s 01 is the new digital dimensioning answer. Image: lance ulanoff/mashable By Lance Ulanoff2017-08-17 14:18:01 UTC How things measure up is pretty important to us. We don’t just look at objects, we automatically scale them in our minds, guessing about width, height, and how they might fit in our world. We make these […]