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You May No Longer Need a New Computer: there’s a Good Chance yours is Perfectly Fine!


This story is intended to help the average consumer make a better and more informed decision prior to purchasing a new computer- ultimately saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time. The Easy “1-Click Trick” detailed in this article is designed to improve the performance of your PC and make it run like new again!

Here's why airlines have trouble with your hyphenated name

Image: Shutterstock / one photo By Freia Lobo2017-06-25 18:43:51 UTC If your name is too long, too short, hyphenated, or contains an apostrophe — you probably have trouble while flying. Apostrophes, hyphens, and other special characters in names have been an issue for flyers for many years. A blog post from 2007 describes a flyer […]

This week in apps: L'Oréal's new UV patch, a cool raw photo editor, and the rest of the best

This UV patch can help monitor your family

Some good things happened in the app world this week. Image: lili sams/mashable By Molly Sequin2017-06-25 12:46:32 UTC It’s possible that you couldn’t keep up with the wild world of app updates this week considering all the changes happening with Uber, including Travis Kalanick stepping down as CEO. If that’s the case, there’s no need […]

Everything you'd possibly wanna know about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 just got leaked

By Raymond Wong2017-06-24 20:56:40 UTC Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is easily the sexiest looking phone on the planet with its curved edge-to-edge screen, but the best has yet to come. The Galaxy Note 8, the successor to last year’s unfortunate explosion-prone Note 7, is expected to launch sometime in September — just in time to rumble […]

Take your summer picnics to the next level with this portable grill

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The ‘UNA Grill’ is a shoebox-sized charcoal grill that you can carry with you wherever you go. Read more… More about Food, Design, Portable, Coal, and Barbecue Tech

Say goodbye to finstas and hello to Instagram 'favorites'


‘Favorites’ could change the way you use Instagram. Image: Sofia Iartseva/Shutterstock By Suzanne Ciechalski2017-06-23 22:52:50 UTC You may finally be able to ditch your Finstagram for  good. Instagram is testing out “favorites,” a whole new way of sharing photos with certain groups of people.  Basically, the feature allows users to have control over who sees […]

Tech studio turns your deepest memories into mind-blowing abstract art

Imagine if you could turn your memories and emotions into compelling abstract paintings.  A London-based creative technology studio, Random Quark, has found a way to visually and directly represent emotions by scanning people’s brains to create awe-inspiring paintings.  Let’s block ads! (Why?) Tech

Chicago's new Apple store has a MacBook Air for a roof

By Sasha Lekach2017-06-23 00:11:32 UTC The roof went up a few weeks ago on the new Apple store in downtown Chicago, but it wasn’t until one detail was added Thursday that the design started to really come together. For an hour or so in the afternoon the shiny silver roof was augmented with one very […]

Construction could be revolutionized by a robot that lays 3,000 bricks a day

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Construction is difficult to automate because of the complex, individualized and customized work it requires.  But a company called Construction Robotics has developed a one-of-a-kind robot that can lay bricks six times faster than a human.  Read more… More about Innovation, Construction, Brick Wall, Real Time, and Robot Arm Tech

Self-driving shuttle will take a few lucky college students to class next year

University of Michigan students are getting a driver free ride to class, starting this fall. Image: MCity By Brett Williams2017-06-21 22:51:44 UTC University of Michigan engineering students will get a slick new ride to class starting next school year — no driver necessary. The University’s MCity self-driving development hub just announced its plans to launch […]

Tesla Model S goes a record 560 miles on a single charge, Elon Musk is not impressed


By Stan Schroeder2017-06-21 12:59:07 UTC Tesla’s Model S, in its most luxurious, P100D variety, officially has a 337-mile range.  But if you drive very, very carefully, you can extend that by more than two hundred miles, as recently shown by two Tesla enthusiasts.  The practice is called hypermiling, and it involves driving in such a […]