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How our anxiety impacts children

Story highlights Many parents are expressing anxiety on social media after another mass shooting By dealing with their own anxiety, parents can help their kids feel safe, experts say I can certainly relate. So can many other parents I know. In fact, a parent at my children’s school wrote on Facebook that she was speechless […]

How an animal saved this woman's life

Story highlights Equine-assisted psychotherapy aims to help people with physical and mental illness Programs treat anxiety, depression, ADD, chronic pain, PTSD California center takes in old show horses The glare of the spotlight, the flamboyant costumes donned during competition, the students who followed every stomp of her feet and swing of the hips. It all […]

The right time to nap is at work

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FDA asks for public's opinion on 'natural' food

Story highlights FDA is requesting public comments on the use of the term “natural” on food labeling FDA is accepting comments from November 12 through February 10, 2016 “Natural,” “all natural” or “made with natural ingredients” are common terms used by food manufacturers, but there aren’t any formal rules or regulations that determine what they […]

The world's most dangerous place to be pregnant

Story highlights Terror attacks and female genital mutilation are a deadly combination in Kenya Child brides too young to give birth are getting pregnant, nurses say Kenya’s first lady and the United Nations are donating medical supplies The 25-year-old went into labor days ago. But with no medical facilities close to her home near Kenya’s […]

What we know (and mostly don't) about Theranos' science

Story highlights The $ 9 billion tech giant promises faster, easier and more accessible blood tests The FDA has signed off on only one of the hundreds of tests they currently offer Theranos doesn’t publish its results in peer reviewed scientific journals; the company says it will release data in the future That’s in part […]

Birth control packaging error leads to lawsuit

Story highlights Women file a lawsuit after birth control pills were incorrectly packaged The pills were voluntarily recalled in September 2011 More than 100 women seek millions in damages to cover pain, suffering and child-rearing expenses Court documents suggest the women took the pills as directed, but they failed to prevent pregnancies because of a […]

Artist bioengineers replica of Van Gogh's ear

Story highlights Using the science of tissue engineering, an artist created a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s The science behind the art could give researchers a new platform to study certain diseases But can tissue engineering also give us a new medium for art? It can for Diemut Strebe, a Boston-based artist who created a […]

Autism is an increasing problem for children — or is it?

Story highlights The percent of children believed to be on the spectrum increased to 2.24%, but the number of children with other disorders fell significantly Study authors think the change in the way they asked parents about their child’s development impacted the number Autism is incredibly difficult to diagnosis; there is no blood test or […]

Could this test help prevent high school football deaths?

Story highlights Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of football-related deaths for high school and college players On average, 12 high school and college football players die every season Eleven high school football players have died this season Williams’ death is one of 11 high school football-related deaths so far this season. Burke County […]