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A photographer captured the last ten years his parents spent together, and the heartbreaking photos provide an intimate look at enduring love and loss

Paddy_Summerfield_Mother_and_Father_067The photographer’s emotional series, taken in the last decade of his parents’ 60-year marriage, provides an intimate look at a couple’s devotion to each other in their final years.Courtesy of Paddy Summerfield

  • Fine Arts photographer Paddy Summerfield took photos of his aging parents over the course of ten years.
  • Toward the end of their 60-year marriage, his mother developed Alzheimer’s, and his father took on the role of caretaker for his wife.
  • He compiled the images into a personal and touching photo essay called “Mother and Father.”
  • The heart-wrenching collection showcases his parents’ unwavering devotion to each other and provides an intimate look at enduring love and loss.
  • The resulting images may break your heart. 

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