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Mssingno – XE3 (Wheathin Turn)

Illuminati Exposed: New World Order Takeover is Real 100% Proof Part 1 (Redsilverj)

Illuminati is a name used to describe the secret society that literally has a plan to takeover the world. This is called a New World Order.One world government, one world currency and one world religion is part of that plan as well as massive depopulation. This video not only shows you the true history of America but the fact that they are real and they’re making major progress with their agenda. This is not some “conspiracy theory” like some would want you to believe. People who try to cover this up have already sold out and have no interest in the truth.

Illuminati Agenda Fully Explained – 25 Goals That Destroyed The Planet

10 Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be TRUE!

10 Disturbing Conspiracy Theories

Proving the Illuminati is Real!

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