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Dtoid Designs: Show us your Super Mario Maker skills – Destructoid

Normally, we’ll start each contest at the beginning of the month, but we’re going to start this one a little early to give you some extra time to make a totally bitchin’ level. There are no restrictions on what types of levels you can make, only restrictions on how many: you may only submit one level per contest. If you enter more than once, only the first level submitted will be considered. Each level will be judged on several factors, including: creativity, how fun the level is, whether it meets the theme, and if the level is beatable.

For now, we’re limiting this feature to just Super Mario Maker, however that can change in the future depending on how the community responds. So, starting today through October 15, we’re challenging you to design a level around the theme of Halloween. That means you can make levels that are scary or revolve around costumes or whatever you associate with the holiday. 

To enter your level, simply leave a comment on this page with your level name and level ID number. If there is a short story that goes with your level, feel free to write that up as well (but know that it won’t factor into your final score). Happy building!

Dtoid Designs: Super Mario Maker
October Challenge: Halloween
Deadline: October 15
Limit One Level Per User
To Enter: Leave a comment below with your level name & level ID number

Dtoid Designs: Show us your Super Mario Maker skills – Destructoid

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